DORADO, Puerto Rico, Dec 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Money announced today a new list of top 50 innovators in entertainment, media, business, investing, politics and more who are shaping Americans’ finances. Adding to Money’s successful franchise series, changemakers Features original interviews with people of all ages making a difference in the personal finance space, from young adults to CEOs as well as forward-looking predictions for the future of money. Household names like Jon Stewart, Elizabeth Warrenand Lil Nas X appear alongside social media star Tori Dunlapentrepreneur MrBeastand rappers killer mike. Each Changemaker offers a unique perspective on the gaps within our financial systems — and how they’re working to improve the future for everyday consumers.

Money reporters and editors handpicked each changemaker because of their impact on personal finance, identifying a range of innovators from an initial list of 174, with the goal of telling readers exactly who they should be paying attention to in 2023 (and beyond). The sectors span the finance ecosystem, ranging from health care, housing, consumer protection, and labor to retirement, bankruptcy, philanthropy, and more. With a focus on people who are positively influencing Americans’ wallets, the Money team created one of the most exhaustive lists of both well-known and up-and-coming leaders in the money space.

“Money’s Changemakers are making great strides in tackling some of the most important issues of our time: economic disparities, financial accessibility, salary transparency, and more,” says Executive Editor Mike Ayers. “We hope readers can use the stories here to help shape their perspective on money and create a better future for themselves.”

Money’s inaugural list of changemakers includes profiles of:

Alexis Ohanianmaking changes in business:

The Reddit co-founder is advocating for universal paid parental leave while combating inequity. His new company 776 is part for-profit VC firm and part non-profit. The latter entity, known as the 776 Foundationbankrolls young thinkers who opt out of college to design creative climate solutions.

Killer Mike, making change in banking and underserved communities:

Rapper and activist Michael “Killer Mike” Render has been empowering underserved communities to take control of their financial futures through his work with fintech platform Greenwood. The company reinvests in Black and Latinx communities, offers financial literacy resources, provides professional social-networking opportunities, and guides individuals and business owners on a path to build generational wealth.

Rohit Chopramaking change in consumer protection:

Rohit Chopra is the director of the CFPB, a government agency tasked with protecting families from deceptive and abusive financial practices. Appointed by Biden in 2021, Chopra has already made an outsized impact on the wallets of Americans by helping overhaul how medical debt affects our credit, reduce “junk fees” charged by banksand more.

Natasha Hoskins other Deana Burkemaking change in Web3:

Natasha Hoskins other Deana Burke Founded Boys Club, a dedicated space for women and nonbinary people to safely explore crypto. Their organization is a fun decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that brings together crypto Enthusiastic to teach, learn, and work within the world of Web3.

Adena Heetsmaking change in housing:

Adena Heets is the founder and chief executive officer of Divvy Homes, a real estate startup that’s modernizing rent-to-own programs. Divvy seeks to help people who wouldn’t usually be able to qualify for a mortgage — either because they credit score is too low, they can’t afford a down payment, or their sources of income are tough to prove.

Tori Dunlapmaking change in financial feminism:

The social media money guru is founder and CEO of Her First $100k, providing tons of tools that help Gen Z and millennial women manage their money and careers. With 3 million followers across TikTok, Instagram and more, Dunlap is “fighting the patriarchy by making you rich,” providing free and paid resources ranging from credit card recommendations to an ebook for negotiating a higher salary.

Other feature stories include Lil Nas Xwho is setting an example for Gen Z with his transparency and creativity; Jon Stewart, who urged Senators to approve a bill expanding health care coverage for veterans; Sen. Elizabeth Warrenwho is holding billionaires accountable, advocating for student debt cancellation, and on the frontlines of the fight for a more equitable country for all; Gaurav Sharma, who created a platform to reconnect workers with their old 401(k)s; and more. For the complete list of changemakers, go to

Money editor Julia Glum is available for interviews. The lead editor on the Changemakers project, she specializes in trending news stories, particularly those that involve or affect young people. Julia also writes dollar scholar, a popular weekly newsletter that teaches millennials how to navigate the messy world of personal finance. For more information, visit


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