Best Rewards Credit Cards of December 2022

As high inflation persists, consumers are looking for ways to offset painful increases in the price of groceries, gas and other budget staples. One strategy is to use a rewards credit card that pays you cashback, points or miles on every purchase you make. Our review of the best rewards credit cards found rebates as high as 6% on supermarket spending and 5% on gas. For leisure spending, we’ve uncovered rewards of up to 5% on dining out, travel and shopping. If you want a no-fuss card that pays a solid rate on every purchase, you’ll find options here that offer 2%.

Generally, rewards credit cards are best suited to those who pay off their card balance in full each month, especially as interest rates rise. Otherwise, you’ll likely be hit with steep interest charges that stamp out any gains from card rewards. If you’d like to refinance high-rate credit-card debt, check out our guide to the best balance-transfer credit cards.

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